What's Pawtrails?

Pawtrails is a cartoon featuring plush creatures named Stufflings that live on a planet called Patchyon. They often adventure around on their world to discover other places, making new friends and learning things about other species on their planet.

If you go on the 'Meet the Cast' section, you can find out more about the main characters on how they act and what they do. All the stufflings have different symbols and personalities that makes them unique and have a purpouse on what they love to do. The stufflings can inspire your child by letting their imaginations run wild, being theirselves and have fun within their environment.

All the Stufflings resemble colors within a rainbow and become a colorful pair when they all help eachother out in situations they'll bump into and can help out with the efforts of teamwork in the end. Most of them come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink! You can encourage your child to learn the colors of the rainbow in order with the Stuffling gang!

The Stufflings are happy and loving creatures that are fun and curious about what else they can find on their planet. You can color, read stories or comics and play games with them on the Games and Comics section. More fun activites will be added onto this website soon so your child can be able to have fun within the world of Patchyon!

Pawtrails will Teach your child to:
♥ Become positive and learn to be kind to others.
♥ To engage them with creativity and skills.
♥ Encourage them to be have fun outdoors.

Wanna keep up with the latest stuff for Pawtrails? You can always read the News section or subscribe to Kooky TV on Youtube for more updates, episodes and latest videos for Pawtrails.

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